Medical Abbreviations Starting With "R"

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Medical AbbreviationMeaning
r belliirickettsia bellii
r conoriirickettsia conorii
r esculentarana esculenta
r factorresistance factor
r leguminosarumrhizobium leguminosarum
r-sreed-sternberg cells
r-vrectal vaginal
R.PhRegistered Pharmacist
r/g/mRubs/gallops/murmurs - heart sounds
R/ORule Out
r/srequisition sent
r/trelated to
radouble outlet right atrium
RARadiologist's Assistant
raradionuclide angiography
RARefractory anemia
rarelative analgesia
rarenal artery
raretinoic acid
raretrograde amnesia
RARheumatoid arthritis
raright anterior
raright arm
RARight atrium
raright auricle
raroom air
raaright atrial appendage
rab gg transferaserab geranylgeranyltransferase
RACPRoyal Australasian College of Physicians
RACSRoyal Australasian College of Surgeons
RADReactive Airway Disease
RADReactive attachment disorder
RADReflex anal dilatation
RADRight Axis Deviation
Rad hysRadical hysterectomy
radsreactive airays dysfunction syndrome
raebrefractory anemia with excess blasts
raeb-trefractory anemia with excess blasts in transformation
raebtrefractory anemia with excess blasts in transformation
RAIRadioactive Iodine
rairitchie articular index
raiuradioactive iodine uptake
ramrapid alternating movements
ranresident admission note
RANRural Area Computer Network
raoretinal artery occlusion
rapright atrial pressure
rapdrandom amplified polymorphic dna
RAPDRelative afferent pupillary defect
raptrenfrew acton picture test
rararetinoic acid receptor
rareretinoic acid response elements
rarsrefractory anemia with ringed sideroblasts
rasrecurrent aphthous stomatitis
RASRenal artery stenosis
rasrenin angiotensin system
rasreticular activating system
rasretrovirus associated sequence
rastradioallergosorbent test
ratrecurrent acute tonsillitis
ratxradiation therapy
rbrectal bleeding
rbrio bravo fever
RBBBRight bundle branch block
RBCRed blood cells
RBCRed blood count
rbcsred blood cells
rbfregional blood flow
rbfrenal blood flow
rbgrandom blood glucose
rbgred blue green
RBLMRecurrent benign lymphocytic meningitis
rbnretrobulbar neuritis
rbpretinol binding protein
rbpriboflavin binding protein
RBRVSResource-Based Relative Value Scale
rbsred blood cell
rcconditioned response
rcred cell
rcreferred care
rcrepeated contractions technique
rcrespiratory care
rcrespiratory center
rcrespite care
rcretinal correspondence
rcrib cage
rcroot canal
rcarenal cell carcinoma
rcaright carotid artery
RCARight coronary artery
rcbretrocalcaneal bursitis
rcbareading comprehension for aphasia
rccred cell cast
RCCRenal cell carcinoma
rccright coronary cusp
rccaright common carotid artery
rccprenal cell carcinoma, papillary
rcdprhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata
rcfroot canal filling
RCGPRoyal College of General Practitioners
rclradial collateral ligament
RCMRestrictive cardiomyopathy
RCMRight costal margin
RCMRoyal College of Midwives
RCNRoyal College of Nursing
RCOGRoyal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
rcolrelative likelihoods of clinical observation
RCPRoyal College of Pathologists
RCPRoyal College of Physicians
RCPARoyal College of Pathologists of Australasia
rcrdretinal cone rod dystrophy
rcsrenal coloboma syndrome
rcsrepeat cesarean section
rcsreticulum cell sarcoma
RCSRoyal College of Surgeons (England)
RCSIRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland
RCTRandomized Clinical Trial
RCTRandomized controlled trial
rctroot canal therapy
rcurespiratory care unit
rdradial deviation
rdraynaud's disease
rdreducing diet
RDRegistered Dietician
rdreiter's disease
rdrenal disease
rdrepair of retinal detachment
rdrespiratory distress
RDRetinal detachment
rdrheumatoid disease
rdright deltoid
rdrubber dam
rdarepresentational difference analysis
rdlsreynell developmental language scales
rdpdystonia parkinsonism, rapid onset
rdparefsum disease with increased pipecolicacidemia
RDSRespiratory distress syndrome
RDWred blood cell distribution width
rereconditioning exercise
rerectal examination
reregional enteritis
reretrograde ejaculation
reabresearch evaluation and analysis branch
reactreaction tester
realrevised european and american lymphoma
recombconference on computational molecular biology
redreturn to emergency department
redyregeneration of dialysate
reeresting energy expenditure
reedaredness, edema, ecchymosis, drainage, approximation
REMRapid eye movement
remreal ear measurement
remreticular erythematous mucinosis
rem sleeprapid eye movement sleep
repretrograde pyelogram
repbaseprototypic sequences for human repetitive dna
rerrespiratory exchange ratio
rerrough endoplasmic reticulum
resreticuloendothelial system
retrational emotive therapy
retic ctreticulocyte count
rfrectus femoris
rfrenal failure
rfrespiratory failure
RFRheumatic fever
RFRheumatoid factor
rfroot filling
rfaright femoral artery
RFEReason for encounter
rfereasons for eating
rffradial forearm flap
RFLPRestriction fragment length polymorphism
rfprequest for proposal
rfsrenal fanconi syndrome
RFTRenal function test
rfvcongenital rearfoot varus
rfviiirecombinant factor viii
rgradical gastrectomy
rgreactive gastritis
rgretinal ganglion
rg iirhamnogalacturonan ii
rgmrespiratory gas monitor
rgoreciprocating gait orthosis
rgpradial growth phase
rgsrieger syndrome
rhcord blood
rhradiation hybrid
rhresidential home
rhrest home
RhRhesus factor
rh factorrhesus factor
rh negrhesus factor negative
rh posrhesus factor positive
rh-rhesus factor negative
rh+rhesus factor positive
rhaenglish regional health authority
rharight heart assist operation
rharight hepatic artery
RHCRural Health Clinic
rhdrheumatic heart disease
rhdnaserecombinant human deoxyribonuclease i
RhFRheumatoid factor
rhfright heart failure
rhigrh factor immune globulin
rhmrapid hand movements
rhogamigg antibody to rh antigen
rhotright hypotropia
rhsrapp hodgkin syndrome
rhtreplacement hormone therapy
rhtright hypertrophia
rhynsretinitis pigmentosa, hypopituitarism, nephronophthisis, and mild skeletal dysplasia
riimmune to rubella
riradioisotope therapy
rireflex inhibition
rirenal index
riresidual inhibition of tinnitus
rirhesus isoimmunisation
RIBARadioimmunoblotting assay
ricaright internal carotid artery
RICERest, ice, compression, and elevation (treatment for a soft tissue injury)
ricurespiratory intensive care unit
riddrecombinant interleukin 2, dacarbazine, ddp
rifright iliac fossa
rihright inguinal hernia
RIMAReversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A
rimaright internal mammary artery
RINDReversible ischemic neurologic deficit
ripraised intracranial pressure
ripreflex inhibiting patterning
ripreflex inhibiting posture
riparadioimmunoprecipitation assay
ripaross information processing assessment
risaradioactive iodinated serum albumin
ristradioimmunosorbent test
rkradial keratotomy
rlright lateral
rlright leg
rlright lung
RLRinger's lactate
RLERight lower extremity
RLFRetrolental fibroplasia
rlgsrestriction landmark genomic scanning
rlllower lobe of right lung
rllright lower lid
rllright lower lip
rllright lower lobe
RLNRecurrent laryngeal nerve
RLNRegional lymph node
rlndradical lymph node dissection
rlocrecovery locus of control scale
RLQRight lower quadrant
RLSRestless legs syndrome
rlvregional lung volume
rlzright lower zone pneumonia
rmradical mastectomy
rmradical mastoidectomy
rmred marrow
rmregistered midwife
rmrespiratory movement
rmaright mentoanterior
rmbright main bronchus
rmcaright middle cerebral artery
rmcatright middle cerebral artery thrombosis
RMDsRepetitive motion disorders
rmerapid maxilllary expansion appliance
rmgreflectance glucose meter
rmlmiddle lobe of right lung
rmleright mediolateral episiotomy
RMOResident Medical Officer
rmoresponsible medical officer
rmpregional medical program
rmpresting membrane potential
rmpright mentoposterior
rmsred man syndrome
rmsfrocky mountain spotted fever
rmssruvalcaba myhre smith syndrome
rmtrecognition memory test
rmtdrhythmic mid temporal discharge
rmzright middle zone pneumonia
rnred nucleus
rnreflux nephropathy
RNRegistered Nurse
rn adrenalsscintadren only
rn soft tissueearly+delayed
rn soft tissue blood pool studyearly and delayed
RNARibonucleic acid
rndradical neck dissection
rnirecommended nutrient intake
rnp abribonucleoprotein antibody
rnp-abribonucleoprotein antibody
rnpabribonucleoprotein antibody
RNVRadionuclear Ventriculography
rorule out
roaright occipitoanterior
roaprubidazone, oncovin, ara c, prednisone
rocreceiver operating characteristic
rocreceptor operated channel
rocarufous oculocutaneous albinism
rodrenal osteodystrophy
roiregion of interest
rolright occipitolateral position
ROMRange of motion
romread only memory
romremoval of metalwork
romright otitis media
romrupture of membranes
ropremoval of plaster
ROPRetinopathy of prematurity
ropright occipital posterior
rosremoval of sutures
ROSReview of systems
ROSCReturn of spontaneous circulation
rotright occipital transverse
rotflrolling on the floor laughing
rourecurrent oral ulceration
rpradial pulse
rpraynaud's phenomenon
rprectal prolapse
rprefractory period
rprespiratory rate
rprest pain
rpresting potential
rpretinitis pigmentosa
rpretrograde pyelogram
rpribose phosphate
rproot planing of tooth
rparight pulmonary artery
rpabrivermead perceptual assessment battery
rpcretained products of conception
rpchred pigment concentrating hormone
rpdpartial denture
rpdaright dominant posterior descending artery
rperetinal pigment epithelium
rpedretinal pigment epithelial detachment
rpfrenal plasma flow
rpfretroperitoneal fibrosis
rpftregistered pulmonary function technician
rpgretrograde pyelogram
RPGNRapidly progressive glomerulonephritis
rphareverse passive hemagglutination
rplndretroperitoneal lymph node dissection
rpnregistered practical nurse
RPNRegistered Psychiatric Nurse
rporight posterior oblique
rpocretained products of conception
rpopremoval of plaster of paris
rppretropubic prostatectomy
RPRRapid plasma reagin test
rpr testrapid plasma reagin test
RPSGBRoyal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
rqrespiratory quotient
RRBlood pressure measured with a specific sphygmomanometer
rrleprosy reversal reaction
rrno red reflex
rrrate regular
rrrecovery room
rrred reflex
RRRespiratory rate
rrross river fever
rr&eround, regular, and equal
RRCRural Referral Centers
rreround, regular, and equal
rrfragged red fiber
rrlnright recurrent laryngeal nerve
rrnaribosomal rna
rrpradical retropubic prostatectomy
rrrregular rate and rhythm
RRR, no m/r/gRegular rate and rhythm; no murmurs, rubs, or gallops
rrtregistered respiratory therapist
rrttrotorest treatment table
rrvross river virus
rsrectal swab
rsreducing substances
rsreed-sternberg cells
rsrespiratory system
rsretinyl acetate
RSReye's syndrome
rsrhythmic stabilisation
RS cellReed-Sternberg cell
rsaright sacroanterior position
rsaright subclavian artery
rsbright sternal border
rscaright subclavian artery
RSDReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
rsdsreflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome
rsesrosenberg self esteem scale
rsfrespiratory syncytial virus
RSIRapid sequence induction
rsirepetitive strain injury
rsisrepetitive strain injury syndrome
rslright sacrolateral position
rsnreal soon now
RSNRenal Support Network
rsoright salpingoophorectomy
rspright sacroposterior position
rspvright superior pulmonary vein
rsrregular sinus rhythm
rssrelative's stress scale
rsserussian spring summer encephalitis
rssprice seed storage prolamine
rstrapid screening test
rstright sacral transverse position
rstrubrospinal tract
rstsrubinstein taybi syndrome
RSVRespiratory syncytial virus
rsvrous sarcoma virus
rtradiation therapy
RTRadiologic Technologist
rtrecreational therapy
rtrelaxation training
rtreminiscence therapy
RTRespiratory therapy
RTReverse transcriptase
RT-PCRReverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
rt3reverse triiodothyronine
RTARenal tubular acidosis
rtaroad traffic accident
rtadrrenal tubular acidosis, distal, autosomal recessive
rtbrespiratory tuberculosis
rtcreturn to clinic
RTCReturn to clinic (appointment for outpatient for next medical examination)
rtcround the clock
rtecsregistry of toxic effects of chemical substances
rtfmread the friendly manual
rtirespiratory tract infection
rtiroutine task inventory
rtkreceptor tyrosine kinase
rtnrenal tubular necrosis
rtpradiotherapy planning
rtqrevised tolerance questionnaire
rtsreal time scan
rtsrett syndrome
RTSRevised trauma score
rtsrubinstein taybi syndrome
rttrett syndrome
rtvregional tidal volume
rtwreturned to work
rurodent ulcer
rucregular uterine contraction
RUERight upper extremity
RUGResource Utilization Groups
rugretrograde urethrogram
rulright upper lid
rulright upper lip
rulright upper lobe
ruqright upper quadrant
ruzright upper zone
rvcoronary fistulae from right ventricle
RVResidual volume
RVRight ventricle
rvaright ventricular apex
rvaright visual acuity
RVADRight ventricular assist device
rvcregional vital capacity
rvedpright ventricular end diastolic pressure
rvefright ventricular ejection fraction
rvfrectovaginal fistula
rvfrift valley fever
RVFRight ventricular failure
RVHRight ventricular hypertrophy
rvotright ventricular outflow tract
rvotoright ventricular outflow tract obstruction
rvprapid ventricular pacing
rvpright ventricular pressure
rvrrapid ventricular response
RVSPRight ventricular systolic pressure
rvswiright ventricular stroke work index
rvtregistered vascular technologist
RVTRenal vein thrombosis
rvvrussell viper venom
rvvtrussell's viper venom time
rvwright ventricular work
rwround window
RWJFRobert Wood Johnson Foundation
rzralpharetinoid z receptor alpha
rzrbetaretinoid z receptor beta